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Enabling easy access to the South West's beauty spots


To save time, and ensure you can get exploring as quickly as possible, read this information in advance of your visit and check that you meet the requirements and understand the T&Cs. You'll sign the membership form to confirm this.

Anyone wishing to hire a Tramper from a Countryside Mobility site needs to become a member - you'll then be able to use any of our sites (nearly 50) around South West England without having to repeat the process. Annual membership is £10, a Taster membership (2 weeks) is £2.50.

You join at the site where you'll complete and sign the membership form and receive an introduction to the scooter.

We hope that you'll enjoy exploring using Countryside Mobility. 

Medical and Health Information

The following requirements are essential for your safety:

  • The recommended maximum weight to operate a Tramper is 25 stone (159kg). At specific sites this may be lowered slightly due to the characteristics of the terrain.
  • You should be able to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 6 metres and have no significant visual impairment that would prevent you from reading safety signs, avoiding obstacles or other hazards.
  • You should have sufficient upper body strength, upper limb mobility and hand dexterity to grip both Tramper handlebar grips securely and operate the twist grip.

 You should consult your doctor before using a Tramper if:

  • You have a medical condition that causes / could cause seizures or convulsions; or that affects / could affect your memory, level of consciousness or alertness, balance, mood, or anxiety levels
  • You have a history of back problems or spinal conditions

 Learning difficulties or developmental conditions:

  • Tramper users must have sufficient learning abilities to understand information presented by the instructor, be able to operate and safely control the Tramper, identify and avoid hazards, and to react to changes in the surrounding environment. 

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • I understand I am responsible for my own safety, that I must use the Tramper as instructed by site staff and with regard for the safety of other visitors at sites
  • I understand that I can only use the Tramper on recommended routes that have been safety audited and explained to me by staff at the hire location. If I choose to take the Tramper on any other routes or areas I understand this may affect my safety and do this entirely at my own risk.
  • I agree to note potential hazards that site staff bring to my attention, and understand that the route conditions may change depending on the weather

  • I understand that I will need to be accompanied by a non-disabled person at some sites
  • If using the Tramper unaccompanied at a site that permits this, I will carry a working mobile phone and site emergency telephone number, and follow any other safety procedures given to me by site staff 
  • I am 14 years of age or older. If aged 14 - 18 years old I will always be accompanied by a parent, guardian, personal assistant or carer regardless of whether a site permits users to be accompanied.
  • I understand Countryside Mobility provides third party insurance and that this insurance is only valid if I abide strictly to the Terms & Conditions of use (not provided at ‘affiliated sites’ – please check with site for details).
  • In the event I cause accidental damage or injury to third party property, and need to make an insurance claim but can claim under another policy, I understand Countryside Mobility insurers will only pay a share of the claim and that I must supply Countryside Mobility with the name and policy number of my insurance company.
  • I agree not to use the Tramper when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or medication which could affect my ability to safely operate the Tramper
  • I agree not to do anything to the Tramper except to make any necessary adjustments to the seat and handlebar controls and I will not hang anything on the Tramper handlebars or arm-rests
  • I will not allow anyone else to use the Tramper, carry passengers or animals, or be in control of a pet on a lead (registered Assistance Dogs permitted)
  • I agree to notify staff of any incident, accident, damage or operational difficulty involving the Tramper and complete a statement detailing the circumstances.
  • I will return the Tramper within the agreed time and understand that failure to do so will initiate emergency/recovery procedures
  • I agree to leave photo ID or car keys for security, which will be returned to me when I return the Tramper in the same condition as when it was issued
  • I agree not to leave the Tramper unattended, unless I have removed the key and kept it with me, and it is not causing an obstruction
  • I agree to pay the full cost of any necessary repairs resulting from misuse of the Tramper