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Project update: National Trust Castle Drogo and Prior Park take part in Disability and Deaf Awareness Training

Date Posted: 26 January 2018

Earlier this week, trainers Helen and Kristy took a trip to two National Trust heritage destinations; one an 18th century landscape garden nestled in the rolling hills of Bath, the other a dramatic castle overlooking the Teign Gorge. 

Staff and volunteers at Castle Drogo and Prior Park have now benefitted from Disability Awareness Training and Deaf Awareness Training, thanks to the team at Heritage Ability. 

Paula Clarke, Community and Engagement Officer at Castle Drogo said: 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Helen and Kristy for such brilliant training. I have had fabulous feedback from the team saying how useful it was and several messages from various departments on what they plan to do differently going forward."

The Disability Awareness Training included helpful hints across different disabilities, how to make reasonable adjustments, role play scenarios and more. The Deaf Awareness Training included information on Deaf culture, greetings, communication tips and more. 

Both Kristy and Helen received fantastic feedback from the sessions:

"Monday was an excellent training day. It must be rolled out to every staff member and volunteer as it is so important that we provide equal experiences for all."

James Pugh, Volunteer Room Guide at Castle Drogo

"It was a great training session and one where I feel I can immediately apply the learning at work. I think my strongest feeling, having undertaken the training, is that this should be part of core induction training for 100% of staff and volunteers. It was so useful, so empowering and can fundamentally change our entire attitude and thus ways of working."

Rebecca McHale, Senior Business Support Coordinator at Castle Drogo